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Frequently asked questions

Who should I contact to buy Todeschini furniture?
Services concerning design, costs and assembly are provided by the exclusive Todeschini Stores. In order to ensure that we fully meet your needs, you should contact one of our reseller stores. You can find the nearest store by accessing our website in the section Exclusive Stores.
Can I arrange a furniture consortium with Todeschini?
Todeschini does not sell consortium. However, the stores offer a system of planned purchase which is similar to a consortium. In this purchase modality, you may create the design according to your needs and start the payment in installments. Thus, you are able to program the date when your purchase should be delivered.
What are the prices of Todeschini products?
Product prices vary according to each project. Visit one of our exclusive stores and explain your needs. A designer will be able to inform you of the exact cost of the products you wish to buy.
If I send the floor plan of my house, can Todeschini create the design and quote the total cost of the furniture?
The design and quote services are only offered by our exclusive stores. Please visit one of our stores and request a project. You can find the nearest store by accessing our website in the section Exclusive Stores.
What is the warranty for Todeschini products?
Todeschini products are made from high quality materials aiming to achieve maximum durability. According to what is described in the Warranty Booklet handed over at the moment of your purchase: “1. There will be a period of ninety (90) days against visible defects that are easily found, starting on the date of assembly. 2. The warranty of the furniture for manufacturing defects, under normal conditions of use and other conditions set forth herein, will be of five (5) years starting on the date the invoice is issued". If you are a customer and you do not have a warranty booklet, please request one at the store.
My furniture needs maintenance. Who should I contact for technical assistance?
A technical assistance service is provided by our exclusive Todeschini stores. If your furniture is still under the warranty term, you should go to the store where the purchase was made for further assistance. If not, any exclusive store of our brand will be able to provide the assistance service.
My furniture is by Todeschini, but it is no longer part of the current product line. How should I proceed to request technical assistance?
According to the legislation provided in Article 32 of the Código de Defesa do Consumidor (Brazilian Consumer Code), Todeschini keeps a stock of replacement parts for the period of 6 (six) months after the item is no longer part of our product line. We suggest that you contact a reseller store of the brand to choose a part from a new model that best suits you.
What should I do if I spill liquid on the furniture?
You should quickly dry the furniture with a high absorption cloth.
How should I clean my furniture in order to increase its useful life?
Furniture should be cleaned with a soft cloth, neutral soap or detergent and warm water. You can also use a cloth moistened with hydrated ethyl alcohol at 92.8 degrees. We do not recommend using any other chemical product, even if it is specially made for furniture. For more information on cleaning, please see the warranty booklet.
How should I maintain my furniture?
For higher furniture durability, we suggest that you follow some simple steps:
• Clean the furniture frequently according to the recommendations in the warranty booklet.
• Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight, heat or strong light bulbs that generate heat.
• Use a cooker hood to when cooking.
• When cooking deep fried food, keep the room ventilated and the modules clean.
What do MDF and MDP stand for?
MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. MDP stands for Medium Density Particleboard. Both MDP and MDF - widely used by major manufacturers of furniture - are engineered panels made from wood and a resin binder.
What is the difference between MDF and MDP?
The quality of products manufactured using MDF and MDP is the same. The difference lies in the characteristics of each of these raw materials. MDP is more suitable to construct straight pieces including frames, doors, tops and shelves, while MDF enables all types of machining so it can have rounded shapes and a variety of contours. Therefore, when properly used, both MDF and MDP will provide great finish, strength and durability.
Is MDP the same as particleboard?
No. The intensive use of continuous presses technology, modern particle classifiers and complex software control process associated with the use of cutting edge resins and wood from sustainably managed forests resulted in MDP. It has distinct characteristics and better quality than particleboard panels. The surface layers on MDP have more homogenous particles when compared to particleboard panels, thus ensuring superior technical performance and better finish.
What type of furniture is MDF suitable for?
MDF allows the use of creativity in furniture design, enabling the production of rounded shapes and a variety of contours. It accepts the application of both paint and plastic laminate coating. It is recommended for projects requiring machining or low relief carvings.
What type of furniture is MDP suitable for?
MDP is suitable for the production of furniture with straight lines, that do not require machining or low relief carvings. It is important to remember that MDP is used worldwide to produce residential furniture including structures, doors, shelves, dividers, straight or post-formed tops, side panels, drawer fronts, and any vertical and horizontal parts of furniture, without restrictions. Its physical characteristics also reduce the risk of warping.
How are MDP and MDF panels produced?
MDF is produced by breaking down logs into fibers, which are combined with a resin binder and compressed in continuous presses, forming panels that may be coated in the production line. MDP is produced by breaking logs into particles that are glued and compressed with synthetic resin.
Which is better, MDF or MDP?
Both are great raw materials for manufacturing furniture. The technical differences during their production process determine, limit or expand their number of practical applications and use.
Is it possible to use both panels in the design of the same piece of furniture?
Yes, MDP and MDF can be used together or on their own.
Are MDF and MDP environmentally friendly?
Yes, they both are. MDF and MDP panels used by Todeschini are engineered products that do not use wood from the Amazon or the Atlantic forests in their manufacture process. They are made from wood grown in sustainably managed forests. They also have low emission of formaldehyde, a chemical compound commonly used in the manufacture of this type of product, a requirement commonly imposed by countries in the northern hemisphere. Todeschini already complies with this practice, being aware of the health of people working in furniture making, the respect for the environment and the future generations.
Why did Todeschini choose to expand the use of MDP in its products?
Based on a trend in the domestic market and in Europe toward the gradual increase in the use of MDP in relation to MDF, currently accounting for 80% of furniture production, Todeschini chose to expand the use of MDP in its production. It is good to point out that this raw material can be used for the same applications of MDF, except for some usage restrictions that include painting and low relief machining. The manufacture of MDP requires a smaller amount of wood thus it is more environmentally friendly. When coated, MDP has no visible difference from MDF, and because it shows better mechanical performance, it provides quality to the furniture purchased.
In which store should I request a quote/ place an order for my project?
Look for the store of your choice. You can find the nearest store by accessing our website in the section Exclusive Stores.
I would like to use Promob to develop my customers’ projects, how can I acquire it?
Promob is a software available only to architects and designers that work at Todeschini stores. However, you can visit the store of your choice and talk to the manager about your needs.
I am interested in opening an exclusive Todeschini store. What should I do?
In order to invest in opening a new Todeschini store, you should access the menu Contact Todeschini, located at the top of the website. You will find a form to be filled out with your information. One of our executives in charge of new businesses will then receive your message and contact you.
Is Todeschini a franchise?
No. Todeschini operates under the systems of reseller stores. The stores sell branded products, but they have their own legal characteristic.
What are the direct contact channels with Todeschini plant?
You can use the Contact Us link, located in the top menu on our website or contact us by phone through our Service Assistance Center, from Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM at 0800 979 02 10.
What should I do to apply for a position at Todeschini?
For us to register your CV correctly and ensure it is sent to the correct department, you should send it through our website by accessing the section Work with us. If you are interested in working at one of our stores, you may locate the contact information for the respective store through the section Exclusive Stores.
What should I do to schedule a visit to Todeschini plant?
To schedule visits to the plant, you may use the Contact Us link located in the upper menu on our website and send your request.
What should I do to introduce my company or my products and service supply proposal to Todeschini?
You can e-mail your proposal directly to the plant supplies department: suprimentos@todeschinisa.com.br.