Its range of products, including furniture and complements for customized living spaces to furnish homes, businesses and hotels, is sold in more than 200 exclusive stores and distributed throughout Brazil and abroad.

Headquartered in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, and with over 75 years of experience and reliability, the company is recognized for its pioneering approach and its ability to renew itself continuously, shown in the new products launched every year.

The recognition for their dedication and the results achieved comes through the important awards that the company has received along the years. The most important ones are: the "100 Best Companies to Work for in Latin America" given by the Great Place to Work® Institute for several consecutive years and it got the first place in 2004 and the "Marcas de Quem Decide” award, a brand survey conducted by the QualiData institute received for several years in various categories. In 2014 Todeschini was awarded "Top Móbile" in the customized modular kitchen category by Revista Móbile. “Marcas de Quem Decide" in the kitchen category, by the QualiData institute, and "The largest and most profitable company" in 2014 in the furniture industry and it ranks in the 25th place among the 100 largest companies in Rio Grande do Sul and 69th in the top 500 in Southern Brazil according to Revista AMANHÃ.



  • 75 years

    More than seven decades
    producing what we
    do best: your furniture.

  • 600 tons of furniture produced per day

    Todeschini is
    located in Bento
    Gonçalves, Serra

  • more than 200 stores

    Todeschini has
    more than 200 stores
    throughout Brazil
    and abroad.

social responsability

Todeschini believes that in order to build a sustainable world it is necessary to create initiatives and social projects chiefly geared towards children and teenagers.

Coração Cidadão Project

The Coração Cidadão Project contributes to the development of children and teenagers who need social assistance, aiming at their insertion in the community and development of social awareness. Since 2002, it has fostered cultural dance, drama and music workshops with practical and theoretical activities during the opposite shift to their school hours. It also guarantees extra incentives for transportation, meals, and materials. In 2006, it broadened the service by introducing the Department for Socio-Educational Support and the Department of Socio-Family Advisory and Support.

Integrated Certification System (ICS)

As the first company in the furniture segment in the country to receive the certification from the integrated system ISO 9001 and 14001, the company carries out several actions that are beneficial to our planet. Some of them are:

  1. Confinement system for the dust from the machinery in the plant;
  2. Treatment system for industrial, sewage, and kitchen effluents;
  3. Project for clean technologies aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources;
  4. Daily monitoring of pollutants according to the legal standards;
  5. Selective waste sorting, both in the plant and in the administrative area.
  6. Involvement and qualification of suppliers and partners;
  7. Awareness programs geared towards employees, encouraging the same practices of the company;
  8. Environmental Awareness lectures at schools in neighboring cities;
  9. Distribution of tree seedlings and donation of recycling materials.
  10. Reforestation through the planting of over 13,000 hectares of trees.

Integrated Policy

TODESCHINI specializes in the manufacture of furniture, keeping an Integrated Certification System (ICS), with the following objectives:

  1. Reduction in the consumption of natural resources;
  2. Solid waste management;
  3. Establishment, analysis and continuous improvement of its objectives and goals;
  4. Pollution prevention;
  5. Compliance with legal requirements and other requirements it subscribes to;
  6. Satisfaction of domestic and international customers;
  7. Continuous development of its employees;
  8. Partnership with suppliers;
  9. Maintenance of ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

Todeschini documents, implements, maintains and communicates its Integrated Policy to its employees or those who act on its behalf, making it available to the general public.

Bento Gonçalves, RS, June 20, 2013.

João Farina Neto


SISTE is the Todeschini System of Excellence. It is through this system that the company carries out a series of actions and programs that support strategies, practices, policies and its management model.

The company believes that the role of a large organization is to inspire, motivate and develop people through opportunities, challenges and recognition. The internal practices adopted by Todeschini are based on participatory management, permeated with the appreciation of each employee.

The production and sales results show that these various programs that allow everyone to seek continuous improvement in terms of physical, social, psychological and financial aspects, bear fruits for everybody. Established in 1993, SISTE focuses the various programs in this area. Through this system, the company places the human being as a competitive advantage and develops programs aimed at their well-being, quality of life, qualification and security, in order to integrate its principles, beliefs and ethical values with the work process.

The programs and incentives that are part of SISTE include:

  1. SOL program
  2. Developing Program (succesion process)
  3. Planejarh Program (career management)
  4. Elo Program (intersectoral integration)
  5. Compartilhar Program (profit-sharing scheme)
  6. 7 Ss
  7. 3 Ns (product and process control)
  8. TPM (total productive maintenance)
  9. Learn More (development and training of the staff working in the exclusive store network)
  10. SIC (integrated certification system)
  11. Benchmarking.